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included with many of our websites and all of the basic template sites

To edit or create a new slider you can find it on the left menu in your dashboard

Creating a New Slider

(A) Name your slider. Create a unique name because this is whats going to be used to place your slider on your website in a later step. A good name will help you identify the purpose of location of the slider.

(B) You can add a single slide or multiple slides at a time. When you click on the button the media window will open where you can select multiple or a single slide. For best results use images of a consistent size and aspect ratio.

(C) Click on “update” to save your changes or “publish” to save a new slider.

(D) Copy this “shortcode” to place the slider anywhere on your site you’d like it. Some sites might have slider locations set into specific areas of your site. These ones will just be able to be edited and not moved without contacting us.

(continued below image)

Editing an Existing Slider

(A) You can toggle open/close slides by clicking on the bar here. Delete slides by clicking on the red ‘X’.

(B) Change the image by clicking here and selecting a new image (new images can be added the same way stated above)

(C) Click on ‘Link’ in order to add a link to the slide. check the enable box, add the URL and select if you want to slide to open a new window or open the page in the current window. If linking to a page out side of the site its recommended to open in a new window.

(D) Click on ‘Caption’ in order to add a caption to your slide. Sites will be styled differently with the caption. The default style shows the text at the bottom of the image on a black background. Contact us if you’d like this change.

(E) Slides can be re-ordered by dragging the bars in the order you’d like them to display.

Click the blue update button to save your changes.