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BX-Slider Guide

click on thumbnails to bring up larger images

1.Finding BX-Slider #

You can find BX-Slider in the menu on the left after you log into your site (basic-guide)

BX-Slider in the Menu

2.Edit/Add a Slider #

  • (A) Select BxSlider from the menu on the left to bring up your list of sliders.
  • (B) Add a new slider by clicking the “Add Slider” button.
  • (C) Edit an existing slider by hovering over the title and selecting ‘edit’ from the links that appear.

BX-Slider New/Edit Example

2.1.Edit an Existing or New Slider #

New Slider

  • (A) Add a title for the new slider. This title should be a clue to where the slider is going to be or what it might be doing (‘home page slider’, ‘ad slider’).
  • (B) Add a single slide with the “Add Slide” button or multiple slides at once with the “Add images as Slides” button.
  • (C) Press the “publish” button (or “Update” if previously published).
  • (D) Use the shortcake provided to place the slider on a page or post in your website by copying it into the content area (basic guide)

2.2.Edit Slide Information #

  • ¬†(A/E) Select the slide you wish to edit. Click the bar again to hide the slide content.
  • (B) Click “Get Image” to change the image of the slide. Your guide might have specific requirements for the size of the images. Typically all images of a slider should be the same aspect ratio for the best display. A typical slide for a basic template website might be 960×300 pixels. Once clicked you can select an image from your media library if previously uploaded or simply drag and drop an image from your computer to the popup to upload a new one. Similar to the Add Images/Media ¬†basic guide
  • (C) To add a link to the slide check the “Enable Link” box then copy the link in the URL field. Choose fi you want to open the link in the same window or a new window/tab. Choose a new window/tab if the link goes to an external site.
  • (D) Add a caption (captions might be styled differently or not sued depending on your initial site setup) by filling in the space provided.

When done click on the “Update” button on the top right of the page.

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