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CMS How-To Guide

The best way to keep customers informed and ensure your Google ranking is up to par, is to ensure the content on your website is informative, keyword specific, and always being updated. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about how to update your website using the Content Management System (CMS). You click on any of the images to make them larger.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Web Support or your Sales Rep directly.


Standard Features Optional Features



How to Add / Update Basic TextBack to Top

  1. From the initial Dashboard, click the Pages link on the left side menu. This will load a list of all the pages within your website.
  2. Click on the name of the page you wish to edit from the list. Please note that not all pages can or should be updated – ask us for more details.
  3. Once you’ve clicked on the desired page to edit, an editor will appear that will display the current text and images that are currently found on the internet. Use the text editor (much like using Microsoft Word) to edit various text within the page. You’ll notice a formatting pallette near the top which will allow basic formatting within the page (bold, italics, alignment, etc.).
  4. When complete, look to the right side of the screen under the Publish box. You may click Preview Changes and /or click Update to make the change go live on the internet.



How to Add a LinkBack to Top

  1. To add a link to a specific word or phrase, simply highlight the text you wish to use as a link (eg. “click here”). This will cause the Insert / Edit Link icon (small grey chain link near the right side of the editor) to become active. Click this link to display the link options.
  2. If you want to add an external link add the full link to the URL box
  3. If you want to link and email address, you must add “mailto:” BEFORE the email address  (for example: to the URL box. Then click “Add Link”
  4. If you want to add an internal page link you can use the “Existing Content” listed on the link window. You will need to click on the page you want to link to and click “Add Link”.
  5. If you want the link to open in a new window add the link to the URL box, Click the check box “Open link in New Window/Tab”. This will ensure that the new site opens over-top of your website, forcing the user to come back to your site before ending their session. When complete, click “Add Link” at the bottom of the menu.
  6. When complete, look to the right side of the screen under the Publish box. You may click Preview Changes and /or click Update to make the change go live on the internet.



How to Add / Update Photos or ImagesBack to Top

Please note that updating a Photo Gallery involves different steps as listed further down the page. This method is to add / update a stand-alone graphic or photo that is found directly on a page within the site.

  1. Follow the steps above to access the page in which you would like to update a photo.
  2. Place the cursor in the location in which you would like the photo to be located (you will be able to adjust the alignment in coming steps)
  3. Click the “Add Media” icon (top left). If you do not see an “Add Media” icon you can move your curser over the icons on the top left to find one that says “images” or “media”
  4. insertmedia
  5. Click “Upload File” and navigate to the image you wish to insert onto the page. Please note that the image type must be JPG or PNG. Once the file has been selected, a progress bar will appear to indicate when the image will be finished uploading. Please note that the larger the file size, the longer this will take. It is recommended that all images should be under 1mb for better optimization.
  6. Also Note: on the right side column, make sure you edit the Attachment Display Settings. Change the “size” dropdown menu to “Medium”, “Large” or “Full Size” if you want your image to display in its entirety. Use the “Thumbnail” if you want to show a cropped, 150px x 150px image.
  7. Once the image has finished uploading to the website you can click the “Insert into Page” button (blue button, bottom right).
  8. The image will automatically be placed onto the page, further editing may be done by first clicking on the image. This will cause the image to be selected and two small icons to appear in the top left corner of the image (a small landscape, and a red circle with a line). Click the icon on the left (small landscape).Screen-Shot-2013-12-10-at-4
  9. This will cause an Edit Image screen to appear. From here, you can edit the size of the image (by percentage), alignment, title, caption and Link URL. Whencomplete, click Update. You may access this screen as many times as you like until the image appears as desired.editimage2
  10. When satisfied, look to the right side of the screen under the Publish box. You may click Preview Changes and /or click Update to make the change live on your website


How to Add a Post/BlogPost ItemBack to Top

  1. On the Dashboard area, which is usually the first screen you see upon login click “Posts” on the lefthand column.  If you cannot see the Dashoboard, click the “Dashboard” link on the left menu on the screen, then click “Posts”. This will display all Current Posts
  2. To enter a NEW Post Click “Add New” on the left column.
  3. You will be directed to a screen which will allow you to enter a title, content, add an image (just as you would for a standard page). You are also given the option to categories your post. In the right side of your screen, under the “Categories” heading you can either select a category or create a new one by clicking “+Add New Category”post


How to Edit a Post/Blog Post ItemBack to Top

  1. Click on the link entitled Posts from the left menu on the screen. This will display a complete list of News Items / Blog Posts that have been added to the website.
  2. Select the desired News Item by clicking the title from the list.
  3. Follow the steps as listed above to edit the text, links, and images.

When complete, look to the right side of the screen under the Publish box. You may click Preview Changes and / or click  Update to make the change go live on the internet.


How to Add a Images to a GalleryBack to Top

  1. Click on “Gallery” then “Add Gallery/Images,” located on the left side navigation
  2. Click “Select File” or “Add File” to choose a file to upload.
  3. You will be directed to your computer files. Select a JPG and click “Open” or “Choose”.
  4. You can add multiple files using this same method (steps #1 – 3)
  5. Once your images have all been selected, use the drop-down menu to select which gallery these images will be added to. (Keeping in mind you can only add these images to one gallery at a time).
  6. Once done click “Upload Images” or “Start Upload”Please Note: Your Gallery may look different than the example below.


How to Remove a Images from a GalleryBack to Top

  1. Click on “Gallery” then “Manage Gallery” located on the left side navigation.
  2. Select the Gallery you want to edit by clicking on its name.
  3. You can select the image you want to remove by clicking on the ID box to the left of the thumbnail image. Hover your curser over the image to display option links such as “View, Meta, Edit Thumb”.
  4. Select “Delete” to remove your image from the list. Click OK.
  5. Remember to click the “Save Changes” Button at the bottom of the page, once complete.
  6. removeimage


How To Update a Product Display SectionBack to Top

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Store or Products link on the menu to the left of the screen.
    Please Note: Your Product Display may look different from the examples below.
  2. This will display a screen in which there are two columns:Update-Display
    The column on the left is a complete list of items in the library. The column on the right is used for adding / editing products.


How To Add a New Product | Back to Top

  1. To add a new product, simply fill out the information in the right column. Items such as Title, Stock Keeping Unit (stock #), Price, Sale Price, General Information, Categories, and Products Images can be inputted.
  2. When adding Product Images, keep in mind that the image to the far left will be the first (main) image to be displayed  with the product. Simply click and drag the desired image to re-order images in this section.
  3. When complete, click Add a New Product at the bottom of the page.


How To Edit / Delete an Existing ProductBack to Top

  1. To edit an existing product, select the product from the left column library list by clicking the product title.
  2. The current information will then be displayed on the right column. Edit the desired information and click Update Productnear the bottom of the screen.
  3. To delete an existing product, simply follow step 1 and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click the Delete button and follow the on-screen instructions.